Application Rationalization & Dependency Mapping

Rationalize both your internal facing and external facing applications, and uncover all shadow IT

Adopt SaaS

Replace on premise applications and govern SaaS applications already in use

Leverage IaaS & DevOps

Assess remaining on premise workloads and find candidates to move to a public cloud provider while building a DevOps culture

Migrate from a 3 tier architecture onto HCI to adopt a Hybrid Cloud strategy

Integrate applications and begin automating and orchestrating 


Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Application Integration & Orchestration

Undisclosed CIO / CTO - Ontario

MIS3 Inc. has a very unique approach to IT modernization.

I was skeptical at first but when I sat through the whiteboard I understood everything we were doing incorrectly in IT and our approach towards transformation. We are now able to pivot our IT modernization and digital transformation strategies to get back on track thanks to MIS3 Inc.

Senior IT Leader - New York

MIS3 Inc. is a thought leader in Canada and they shared some of their IT modernization experiences with us towards the end of November 2018.

The concepts around delivering applications and business services with less complexity, less technology and governance in mind was truly transformational for me to hear and understand from their CEO - Neil Mistry.

Senior IT Architect - Financial Institution - Toronto

New and emerging next generation technologies are my thing. I love to learn about new technologies that are disrupting the market and traditional players.

Working with one partner that provides a 360 degree view of the landscape is almost impossible to fiind but we found that partner in MIS3, client for life!!