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SaaS Adoption

The second step in achieving IT Modernization is replacing on premise applications with SaaS.

Key technologies required in this phase:


Govern SaaS Applications by Leveraging The Netskope Cloud Security Platform

Complete a Cloud Risk Assessment to determine the shadow IT and analyze the risk level for all SaaS applications globally. Enforce policy and govern the behaviour between your end users, their devices and over 20,000+ SaaS applications, in real time, in line from both a managed, and unmanaged device.


Complete Visibility and Access into SaaS 

SaaS is the future on how consumers and corporations adopt and access applications or services to meet their personal requirements, and business objectives.


Time to market and deployment alongside simplicity and cost are making SaaS more attractive for corporations to adopt and governance will be their greatest challenge, until NOW.

New Approach Requires A New Strategy

SaaS will require a new strategy around establishing a great Quality of Experience (QoE) for all end users. Dynamically QoS at both an application and sub application level and reduce your MPLS regardless of where the application lives.

Apply Flexible Policies To Your Data in SaaS

Adoption of Office 365 and G-Suite require a proactive and automated audit trail around data access and changes to files.

Leverage next generation Cyber Security platforms to perform malware scrubbing against files inside of SaaS applications and more.

Secure Microsoft TEAMS, Sharepoint Online, OneDrive and Email.

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