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Next Generation Project Management Services & Software

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The MIS3 Project Management Office (PMO) services and methodology focuses on leading the project team to successfully achieve all project goals within the given constraints. We document and manage the project information, and track and manage tasks, risks, changes and status with Traxidy, our main project management software platform. Traxidy supports the project plan to successfully deliver on project goals and ensures transparency with our clients, team members and partners.


 The secondary goal is to optimize the allocation of necessary resources, and apply them to meet the pre-defined objectives, once established and agreed upon. The key objective of the MIS3 project management team is to successfully deliver a complete project which complies with our client's objectives.


Our project management team helps to shape the project scope and effort, identify key dependencies and assess and minimize project risk. Once our client's objectives are clearly established, we work together throughout the project timeframe to ensure our clients have full visibility to project performance and service delivery. 

Group project conversation

Project Executive

The Project Executive leads the team that directly manages short and long-term projects. Project Executives are typically responsible for developing strategic program and project goals and monitoring program and project performance.

Working Together on Project

Project Consulting

Project Consultants contribute their operational, strategic, and technical expertise to projects. They collaborate with clients to determine project requirements, develop project plans and methodology in line with business objectives, and assign project tasks and resources.


Project Software

Leverage Traxidy project management software from MIS3 to manage all of your project needs including project risks, issues and actions. Get increased project visibility with Traxidy status reports, dashboards and collaboration tools for greater project success.


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