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Public Safety Business and Technology Solutions

MIS3 provides an application centric approach to infrastructure architecture, cyber security and IT operations for your corporate applications, tech crimes unit and CCTV environments.


Focus on delivering networking solutions architected and customized to ensure your business critical applications are FAST, AVAILABLE & SECURE. 


Combining a group of services deployed simultaneously over a network to provide application availability, security, visibility and acceleration. From the application servers to application end users providing an elite end user experience for all applications anytime, anywhere from any device.

Core Solutions
Application delivery networking uses real-time data to prioritize applications and access. 

Load Balancing

SSL Certificate

Web Application Firewall

Application Security
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Social network concept
Digital social media
Network Hub and Cable
Computer Programming
Typing on a computer

Distributing web traffic across many physical or virtual servers for application performance.

API Security

Brain Scans
Network games

Verifying SSL certificate and key pairs used by client and Server SSL profiles.

Application Policy Management

Network Security
Policy Management
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Protect your apps with behavioural analytics, bot defense and application layer encryption of sensitive data.

Multi-Cloud Application Services

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Video call

Protects the APIs at the heart of all your modern applications.

Secures, simplifies and centralizes access to apps, APIs and data, no matter where users and their apps are located.

Simplify application management by giving you consistency across all your cloud (and on-prem) environments.

Public Safety Business & Technology Solutions

Infrastructure, Cyber Security, IT Operations, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions from MIS3 for Public Safety organizations across Canada.

We help our clients and prospects protect their business with our innovative, simplistic and cost effective approach.

Data Center

Data Centre Modernization




IT Strategy and Roadmap


Risk Management & Cyber Security


Public Cloud Planning and Migration

Data Processing

Data Analytics Architecture

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