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MIS3 Inc. started in the basement of the founder and CEO, Neil Mistry home located in Toronto ON.


A veteran of the technology and sales industry, Neil Mistry was determined to help Canadian businesses and government at all levels, achieve the next phase in business transformation. The MIS3 Inc. CEO believed all organizations were about to embark on a major transformation that would force them to reimagine their business. 


He believed the future of technology looked very different. New and emerging next generation disruptive technologies were the platforms for the future and MIS3 Inc. was going to become the North American leader in helping clients understand how these technologies could help them reimagine their business.


The vision came to fruition in 2017 when Managing Information Systems 3 Inc. (MIS3 Inc.) was incorporated. Bootstrapped with no investors or significant funding, the MIS3 Inc. CEO embarked on a journey to change the Canadian IT landscape forever.

The CEO says, "no one has ever challenged the legacy manufacturers and traditional VAR's at the same time". He describes how clients of all sizes and verticals were looking for greater value from their technology VAR's and manufacturers. An authoritative technology thought leader with the ability to understand the alignment between business objectives and next generation technologies, specifically their business value not their simple feature functionality.

MIS3 Inc. solves a major challenge in the industry, they help customers "Reimagine their Business". Their unique differentiator is the Transformational IT practice which, has 3 core elements:

  • IT Modernization framework allowing clients to go from a current legacy state of IT operations and architecture to a modernized state. The future consisted of applications and data living and breathing securely in the form of SaaS, Public Cloud and On-Premise. 

  • Creating and executing against a Secure Digital Transformation strategy, and framework. Combining the 4 core business pillars for Digital Transformation with the help and enablement of new and emerging next generation technologies.


  • Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

MIS3 Inc. is approaching our 6 year in business with a team of 27 professionals, and 8 Canadian office presences with a proven business model for success.

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