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Next Generation Infrastructure & Intelligent Operations

We provide thought leadership to business owners and IT leaders around delivering the next generation of IT services and applications with architectural simplicity. Building a private and hybrid cloud requires the adoption of an application approach with a software defined strategy, rather than an infrastructure approach.


MIS3 Inc. helps define and build an Invisible Infrastructure framework focused on 3 guiding principles:


1. Make the network INVISIBLE

2. Compute & Storage INVISIBLE

3. Make virtualization INVISIBLE

4. Make the public cloud INVISIBLE


CIO's are no longer only service providers but business leaders, time to change is now....

Technology should simply work with the least amount of manual intervention.

MIS3 Inc. and our Next Generation Infrastructure Technology partners make the entire physical and virtual infrastructure stack invisible using Infrastructure as Code and complete automation.


Multi-Cloud Approach drives Invisible Infrastructure

Multicloud isn't just about tacking on another cloud to an existing deployment; it's about delivering infrastructure that is essentially invisible to the user. In single-cloud environments, these properties are only partially met, but multicloud can bring the reality of this invisible infrastructure to life.

MIS3 Inc. will help you Simplify the Infrastructure Stack

In today’s world of software-defined everythingedge computing and cloud-native applications, it’s expected that infrastructure is available, reliable, secure and compliant. 

Where is the fastest access point for my data

The shift in focus from the hardware side (“Do I have enough storage space for my data") What’s the lifecycle like on those servers and how much will it cost to replace them. 


Focus on what’s missing from my application to make it more functional for my end users. The goal is to keep developers focused on development instead of infrastructure management, allowing them to decrease production cycles and move faster.

Invisible infrastructure doesn't mean its not important, actually the role of infrastructure and its location will be more important than ever. 

Remove ambiguity and build a Dynamic CMDB

Creating a single source of truth and Next Generation Dynamic Configuration Management Database is critical for IT Operations.


Intelligent IT Operations is about applying minimum manual intervention into daily IT operational tasks and gaining 360 degree visibility into your technology stack through Machine Learning, AI and Automation.

Simplify and automate your CI/CD pipeline while adopting Next Generation DevOps and DevSecOps open source platforms.
DevOps and Containers got you confused

MIS3 Inc. can provide Next Generation visibility into your DevOps stack and public cloud in addition to on premise infrastructure through a centralized view. Learn to SHIFT left and build Security early into your DevOps workflow and Ci/CD pipeline.

Leverage Next Generation technology to manage complex, legacy technologies with ease.

Imagine being able to manage a variety of technologies regardless where your application lives with less manual intervention and greater automation through machine learning.

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Operationalize Public Cloud with Ease

Simplify IT Operations both on premise and in public cloud with automation, orchestration and simplified release management

Next Generation Infrastructure

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