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Unify public and private clouds into a single pool of resources.

One-click deploy and scale your containerized applications and data services anywhere, instantly

D2IQ simplifies the development and management of fast data applications, bringing greater ease and agility for developers, operators, and data scientists alike.



Automate pure Kubernetes on any infrastructure with push button control and zero touch self-healing.

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D2IQ provides the first DC/OS with Mesosphere

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MIS3 Inc. and D2IQ Accelerate new initiatives with confidence


Mesosphere DC/OS automate rollout and production operations for containers and data services.


D2IQ - Mesosphere for Containers

DC/OS is a distributed operating system based on the Apache Mesos distributed systems kernel. It lets you manage multiple machines as if they were a single computer.


D2IQ Presents Ksphere

End-to-end support for Kubernetes and the full stack of supporting services your organization depends upon



Designed so companies can install Kubernetes with push-button ease. Konvoy is integrated with an opinionated set of supporting cloud native services so you can deliver an out-of-the-box, production-ready experience

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Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine (MKE)

Designed to assist companies in the move to a highly mature state of Kubernetes. By tapping into the power of DC/OS, MKE centralizes scattered and sprawling Kubernetes clusters across any environment, so you can reduce operational overhead and dramatically cut IT costs.

D2IQ Presents Datasphere

Gain cloud native capabilities for your applications as you rebuild them in public cloud with MIS3 oInc. and D2IQ


This open-source framework allows you to easily adopt stateful data services within their container environments orchestrated by Kubernetes. Operators come from a variety of different sources, including third-party ISVs, the open-source community, and those professionally built by D2iQ.


D2iQ delivers a fully operational Kafka operator based upon its open-source KUDO framework, ensuring your organization can easily adopt Kafka in a Kubernetes landscape. This includes full support for both the operator and Kafka to ensure a simplified operational experience as you move to a live production state with Kafka.


D2iQ is committed to bringing premiere open-source and vendor-developed workloads to their Kubernetes portfolio. Customers can benefit from a vibrant ecosystem of compatible products, all running on their existing Kubernetes infrastructure.

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