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MIS3 Inc. provides Next Generation Managed Services

Managed Cofense Solutions with MIS3 Inc.

MIS3 Inc. provides IT Managed Services ranging from Cyber Security Awareness Programs, Cloud Backup with long term archive, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery with Incident Response.

Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery & Incident Response

Business continuity planning (BCP) is the process a company undergoes to create a prevention and recovery system from potential threats such as natural disasters or cyber-attacks. BCP designed by MIS3 Inc. protects personnel and assets and make sure they can function quickly when disaster strikes.

Create new plans or leverage templated plans to store artifacts centrally and digitally communicate across the entire organization through simple to use broadcast capabilities.

MIS3 Inc. is a North American Managed Service Provider for P4C

Data Protection and Business Resilience

  • DRaaS

    Disaster Recovery as a Service

    Affordable and efficient replication of physical or virtual servers and data by providing failover in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Including DRaaS in your strategy ensures you maintain customer confidence and brand reputation.
  • BaaS

    Backup as a Service

    An easy-to-manage, reliable cloud backup-as-a-service solution that fits your needs. With our BaaS there is no need to rotate storage devices, manually move data off-site or perform integrity checks and deduplication.
  • FAaaS

    File Archiving as a Service

    Provide high-efficiency low-cost storage for redundant and irrelevant files while adhering to compliance regulations. Data can be safely stored on premise with local data servers, in the cloud, or using a hybrid solution. 
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