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MIS3 provides IT consulting services to help organizations plan, develop and execute an IT Strategic Strategy, Plan and Roadmap


Application Rationalization & Dependency Mapping

IT Capability Review

IT Operations Review

Inventory all applications, databases, hardware and software creating a current state portfolio for IT.

Review and mapping of IT Support service level agreements to hardware and software.

Understand daily IT operational support, people and processes. This includes SWOT analysis.

IT Roadmap

IT Stratgeic Plan Development

IT Governance & Execution

Determine inefficiencies and areas of improvement plus recommendations for a future state by aligning business requirements to technology strategies.

Develop IT Strategic Plan to deliver services internally and externally utilizing an application centric philosophy.

Develop Application and Services roadmap by leveraging SaaS, Public Cloud and On-Premise Hybrid Cloud.

IT Strategic Plan & Roadmap from MIS3

We help our clients and prospects develop an IT Strategic Plan.

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