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MIS3 Inc. and Iguazio partner across Canada to deliver the Iguazio Continuous Data Platform to ingest, enrich and analyze data in one solution.


Iguazio’s fully managed platform combines a high performance scalable database and built-in open source tools for AI and serverless to power real-time apps across cloud, on-prem and edge.


Through combining the best technologies from multiple disciplines and re-architecting the stack to build a system that changes the paradigm of how data is stored and analyzed. MIS3 Inc. partners with Iguazio to provide superior performance and fine-grained security, operating as a self-service portal and at the industry’s lowest cost per GB.

 Iguazio Data Science Platform is the first integrated solution for simple delivery of real-time AI applications across cloud, on-premises and edge. 


Bring data science into business applications with Iguazio’s managed and secure Data Science Platform

With Iguazio’s Nuclio Serverless Functions, users easily collect data from various sources, merge streaming on the fly, transform data and store it in different formats. Nuclio provides fast and secure access to real-time and historical data at scale, including event-driven streaming, time series, NoSQL, SQL and files.


High Performance Server Platform

The Iguazio Data Platform delivers a full-blown cloud experience of data services, AI and serverless. Nuclio is Iguazio’s open source/ managed serverless platform – faster than bare-metal code, it brings significant new functionality and works with data and event sources to accelerate performance and development. Nuclio is portable across IoT devices, laptops, on-premises datacenters and cloud deployments, eliminating cloud lock-ins and enabling hybrid solutions.


Automatically turn machine learning models and code into operations  

Simplify development and deployment with serverless and an open micorservices-based architecture


MIS3 Inc. and Ignazio for Trading Infrastructure Monitoring

When it comes to trading systems, every millisecond counts. Efficient infrastructures must enable high performance and availability for minimum outages while reducing storage capacity.

Iguazio ingests and correlates high volumes of time-series and multivariant data for real-time infrastructure and application analysis. It serves the insights with interactive dashboards presenting rout cause analysis, anomaly detection and predictions, as well as alerts and automated actions.

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