When your application performance is aligned to your business objectives, users can maximize their productivity and enjoy greater satisfaction from digital transformation without contacting the help desk, all at reduced cost.


Ipanema SD-WAN uses Application Intelligence+ to pave the way for unprecedented application performance on your network. Our solution is the only SD-WAN with application intelligence that can transform your unpredictable network into a great user experience.

Next Gen SD WAN to support your Secure Digital Transformation

Ipanema’s capacity to identify thousands of applications automatically allows you to focus on the process of digital transformation without worrying about reliable execution. Your users quickly realize the benefits of apps, like unified communications and collaboration, without lengthy deployment schedules.

Drive towards Orchestration

Application intelligence requires orchestration and automation at all layers

Scalable Application Level Service Architecture

Ipanema SD-WAN, Application Intelligence for the WAN Edge, uses both software and hardware components that collaborate in real time. The central management software component is called the Scalable Application-Level Service Architecture (SALSA®).

Why Infovista Ipanema

By defining the quality of experience (QoE) you want for your business-critical apps, Ipanema controls each user session automatically and dynamically, regardless of network conditions. Unlike other SD-WAN solutions, Ipanema uses true end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS), independent of your underlying network, to deliver high performance for every user, at every location, every time.




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