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Adopt Hyper Converged Infrastructure


Adopt a Next Generation Private / Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with MIS3 Inc.

Develop a current state vs future state architecture and ROI for on premise applications, their dependencies and your data management workflow.


Key Technologies in this Phase:


Innovate at the front end and the back end

Building a Next Generation Hybrid or Private Cloud requires less technology, architected with simplicity, providing greater visibility all with governance in mind.
NX and rubrik integration.png

Next Generation Object Store and Data Lake with Public Cloud Integration

Cloudian provides data ingestion and long term archive at scale but simplified with ease of IT Operations

Collapse and Automate your Network

Building an on premise VPC with Arista / Bigswitch just got easier. Compliment your simplified Hyper Converged Infrastructure by simplifying your network stack.

Build your own Private / Hybrid Cloud

All retained workloads and data need a next generation technology stack built with automation and simplification.
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