Consumer Touchless & Brand Engagement Experience with MIS3 Inc. & HYPERVSN 

Welcome to the future of human-machine interface technology. And it's as easy as passing a finger through a holographic image, floating freely in the air, of what would otherwise be a machine's keys or buttons. You have to see it to believe it.

HYPERVSN 3D Holographic System



The HYPERVSN holographic display a four-ray rotor that spins fast at a speed of 670 RPM. Your eyes won’t see any rays though, only your stunning 3D content floating in mid-air.



HYPERVSN proprietary CMS software enables easy and secure control of HYPERVSN displays, creation, upload and management of 3D content.

The HYPERVSN Platform

HYPERVSN is a holographic system consisting of the device, user-friendly management and content creation software and 3D content that you can create yourself for free.

How it Works

Each device consists of a four-ray rotor that spins faster than the human eye can see to produce 3D visuals that appear to be floating in mid-air.

Custom Solutions

We can completely customize our solutions to fit your needs - from installation size and ready-to-use content to interactivity and additional features (voice triggers, thermosensors and gesture control).