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Application Modernization and Mobilization Services with MIS3 Inc.

If you're looking to rebuild an application, improve its code for greater efficiencies, mobilize it and engage with your customers in a meaningful, way we can help with our Application Development Services


Planning Phase

Design Phase

Development Phase

Testing Phase

Production Phase

Open Source Platforms Provided by MIS3 Inc.

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Next Generation Enterprise DevOps platforms enabling businesses to develop, deploy and manage applications securely


Agile Coaching

MIS3 Inc. provides Agile Coaching professional services helping clients migrate to DevOps for process improvement

Infrastructure as Code with Secrets Management

MIS3 Inc. is a Hashicorp reseller & professional services partner focusing on:

Unified Value Stream Mapping

Connecting software development and delivery efforts to strategic business outcomes in a secure manner, MIS3 Inc. is a Digital.AI reseller

Kubernetes Cluster Management

Simplifying Kubernetes cluster management on premise, public cloud or multi cloud. MIS3 Inc. is a Rancher Labs / SUSE reseller and professional services partner





Enterprise Agile Planning


Application Security

Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)

AI Powered Analytics

Agile Coaching Services

DevOps Process Improvement

Value Stream Mapping

Kubernetes Professional Services
Rancher Labs Services
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