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Data Centre Modernization & Automation

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Data centre infrastructure has been shrinking for many clients over the years. Reduced on premise applications, databases and overall workloads have been contributing to fewer investments for on premise infrastructure.

A smaller subset of key applications, databases and their networks still continue to run on premise and a private - hybrid cloud architecture to modernize the data centre and reduce IT operational complexities is more prominent than ever.

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MIS3 approach to a modernized data centre is first understanding your application portfolio and the infrastructure required to support it.

Elimination of applications, understanding criticality of remaining applications and the best future state architecture to support it with public cloud integration, is how we get it done.

"Invisible Infrastructure is about serving the application with reduced infrastructure, IT complexities, non disruptive migrations and automation end to end".


- Neil Mistry CEO MIS3 Inc. -

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Data Centre Modernization & Automation Solutions from MIS3

The data centre has changed and technology consolidation is vital to the success of IT Operations. Automation will improve SLA's and reduce the day to day burden on IT teams.

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