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Cofense combines market-leading incident-response technologies with employee-sourced attack intelligence for a complete collective defense against email-based cyber-attacks. With Cofense, you can disrupt attacks at delivery and stay ahead of breaches.

Phishing Protection Across the Entire Organization

CofenseTM believes employees –  humans – should be empowered as part of the solution to help strengthen defenses and gather real-time attack intelligence to stop attacks in progress.

Cofense is the market leader in intelligent phishing defence


The Cofense Phishing Defense Center

– Get actionable indicators on threats in progress on YOUR network
– Respond to verified threats immediately and decisively
– Sharply reduce the time between detection and resolution
– Receive alerts to identified threats, within the hour, throughout the day
– Coordinate response: plug our intelligence into your SIEM or orchestration solution
– 24/7 service available

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Phishing continues to be the #1 security concern for most organizations.  Gain visibility and empower and condition your employees to recognize and resist phishing attempts with Cofense PhishMe.

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Cyber Security Education & Awareness and Training


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