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Application Rationalization is the first and most important step in the process of achieving Business Transformation Through IT Modernization.
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Key technology required in this phase:

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Where do you begin

MIS3 Inc. begins the first phase of Application Rationalization by completing each of the following phases listed below with our clients:

1. Inventory of all applications through the thought leadership of our Principal Consultants lead by our Founder and CEO.

2. Mapping the dependencies of all applications, databases to infrastructure.

3. Understanding the different users of each application.

4. The purpose of each application and business impact including criticality.


MIS3 Inc. provides a 360 degree view for IT and how it aligns to the business objectives for the fiscal year and beyond. That vision requires a central focus on the applications and services and deep dive into the portfolio for every organization. This analysis is part of step 1 and requires a discussion with the application team, infrastructure leaders, cyber security and business owners.



Once we inventory all applications, their relational databases, supporting operating systems, dependencies, the users and their purpose, we can than decide which applications we can RETIRE

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How About Shadow IT

You have more applications and services than you think or realize. Uncover the shadow IT, specifically SaaS Applications that are sanctioned and UNSANCTIONED.
Cloud Risk Assessment to uncover all SaaS Applications, including risk score for every application and granular policy enforcement.
CASB business case and adoption
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