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About Us

Managing Information Systems 3 Inc. (MIS3 Inc.) is a privately held Canadian organization with headquarters in Toronto ON and offices across North America.


Organically grown, MIS3 Inc. is a Business Value Technology Partner specializing in Business Transformation through IT Modernization. Providing a 360 degree view of IT with an application centric philosophy, MIS3 Inc. guide their clients in understanding the business value New and Emerging Next Generation technology platforms provide, to achieve secure digital transformation. 


MIS3 Inc. strives to be a strategic business & technology partner for our clients, by providing thought leadership in business transformation through the adoption of IT modernization. 


Focused on helping clients reduce their technology footprint and moving towards IT operational simplicity, MIS3 Inc. specialization is centered in providing innovative disruptive technologies that have business relevance for every organization. 


MIS3 Inc. believes clients in North America are looking for an organization who can provide thought leadership and awareness around aligning business outcomes with simplistic secure technologies and strategies. Achieving business transformation through IT modernization is hard, and not possible today without partnering with New and Emerging Next Generation technologies within Infrastructure, Cyber Security and IT Operations.


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Learn about MIS3 Inc.

Managing Information Systems 3 (MIS3 Inc.) is a business consulting and technology partner focused on computer systems consisting of hardware and software that serve as the backbone of an organization's operations.


MIS3 Inc. strives to work with our clients to understand their business, processes, people, customers, systems, applications, workflows and business risks, by gathering data from multiple online systems, analyzing the information, and report data to aid in management decision-making

To be the North American leader in guiding clients to reimagine their business, by adopting our Transformational IT approach to unify business and IT
Leading clients achieving business transformation through IT modernization and developing a secure digital strategy to reimagine their business.
Business Meeting


Our core focus is to UNDERSTAND our clients business and their 4-6 key objectives for the fiscal year. What is the business asking IT to provide in terms of services, for both their internal and external users. How will IT leaders provide these corporate services and applications to meet their objectives.

CONSULT is where we begin aligning relevant new and emerging technologies to achieve the business objectives. The services and applications of the future now live both on premise, and in the cloud with SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. We help clients leverage the proper technology strategy to service the business owners while simplifying how technology both on premise and in the cloud should be architected, integrated and operationalized, with governance in mind. 

Helping our clients REALIZE tangible business outcomes by leveraging technology transformation and modernization approaches, is our overall goal. Utilizing new and emerging technologies that enable the business to push forward is what we expect to deliver. We help our clients adopt technology transformation and innovation, while simplifying IT operations.

Our Core Values

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